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When I was little, I remember my mother getting me a child size sewing machine and teaching me how to stitch on paper. I was not the most patient kid, especially when I wasn’t amazing at something immediately.

In my teens, I remember sewing on a sleeve inside out *3 times* before accidently burning it with an iron. Foolishly, I threw a box of straight pins in frustration and nearly a year later would still find the odd pin stuck in the floor.  Fortunately, my mother was more sympathetic than angry.

Both my parents are craft-enthusiasts/artisans. My mom taught me to sew, knit, paint, garden, cook and upcycle just about anything. My dad loves woodworking. Both my parents have a gift for looking at something ordinary and seeing how it could be remade into something extraordinary. I’ve always been encourage to be a “maker” and this is my studio.


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