I’m a fun loving, creative, just-ecentric-enough-to-be-interesting woman who still feels young enough to call herself a “chick”. I’m rocking the family, full-time job, and full array of side projects that keep me busy and mostly out of trouble. I LOVE travel, especially when I have an opportunity to add a little adventure to a work trip that takes me places I wouldn’t normally get to visit.

I do my best to nurture a mildly twisted sense of humour and usually have half a dozen projects on the go. I seem to get more done when I’m busy and smiling, but that’s probably true for a lot of us. I’m always “collecting” new skills, making things with my hands and discovering new life hacks.

I’m married to a wonderful and hilarious man who makes me laugh every day, I strive to be the most awesome (IMHO) step-mom to two handsome and equally hilarious stepsons, and I’m in the running to be the coolest aunt ever! We also share our home with an incredibly intelligent, sometimes ornery and usually affectionate Senegal parrot named Oscar.

I live in Canada, near the nation’s capital in Ottawa, Ontario and as much as I love traveling, I enjoying coming home even more.

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