Butterfly brain

Ever have those nights where you can’t sleep because your brain won’t be quiet? I have those a lot. Not the toss and turn because you’re worrying about some problem or stressing about all the things you have to do tomorrow kind of insomnia. The “my brain is a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower” kind of sleeplessness.

Each flower is some half formed idea just dying for some attention so it can bloom. Problem is there’s too many damn flowers and I have the attention span of a winged insect.

I’ve taken to keeping a sketch book handy so I can start drawing out anything that strikes me as a design inspiration. I figure if I can get it down on paper maybe I can make it bloom, because frankly, sometimes I’m tired and need to get some sleep.

Here’s a sketch that looks suspiciously like a corkscrew. I must have been thirsty at the time…

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