Warm up with some free knitted slipper patterns

It’s cold out there, baby, and even though my workbench is next to the furnace, it gets chilly in the basement. Rather than run a space heater all the time, I decided to make slippers, so last night I scavanged for some easy and free patterns. Thanks to these lovely pattern makers for sharing these! I’m going to start with the easiest and work my way down to those AMAZING felted clogs. Four pairs of slippers just might hold me till spring!

Grandma’s slippers – fast and easy with a little pom-pom flair. Seems like a good one to start with.


Source: http://www.favcrafts.com
Pattern by: Mary Gaines

Mary Jane easy knit slippers – something cute to tuck in my purse for the office.


Source: http://www.favcrafts.com
Pattern by: Bernat

Knitted moccasin slippers – they look small, but apparently are quite stretchy and can easily be knitted in two-tones.

Knit moccasins

Source: allfreecrafts.com
Pattern by: Sue Norrad

Felted Slippers – these look like the mac daddy of thermal footsies! Once I get a grandma slipper or two made, I’m moving on to these puppies!  There’s even a little felted flower pattern for the ladies.

Felted slippers

Pattern by: Nita Brainard

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