I got my first custom order on Etsy! And learned stuff the hard way

I got my first custom order last week! And from a repeat customer – that’s 2 “firsts” in one order!

Doing custom work took longer than I expected, but I did learn a hell of a lot about what I need to improve to make things faster/easier next time. Like, designing the etching graphic would have gone much faster if I didn’t over think it and provide too many alternatives. I think having a set “menu” of customizable options like fonts and sizes (with examples) would definitely make it easier for buyers (and me) to zip through the design process.

Also – forget improvising. I offered up an alternative leather for the bracelet that I had on hand, but haven’t worked with before. I found out the hard way that it was really wasn’t going to work and wasted a couple of hours of my time trying to “make it work”. Thankfully, this customer was happy to let me switch back to the same belt leather I used in her previous order.

So, lessons learned – you don’t need 31 flavours and don’t “wing it” when you already know what works. 

I do love the expression she wanted etched for her friend. I need to make one of these for my brother – it’s him all over 😉

Custom copper etched leather bracelet

“I will NOT be HARRIED” – custom copper etched leather bracelet


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