Building a brand beyond the business card

It’s a long weekend in Canada and I am determined to make it a productive one.  I hauled out my camera yesterday to photograph some new items for my Etsy shop, but nothing seemed to look right. It dawned on me that I was just showing the jewellery and wasn’t including “myself”.

I’m a product marketing manager by day so I know how important it is to create a brand, but when I AM the brand, it seems much more difficult. When I opened my Esty shop, it appears I stopped marketing after I created a shop banner, a business card and disappeared into manufacturing mode.

So, I put the camera down and decided that I need to continue building my brand, and started with the packaging. It may not be Tiffany’s iconic blue box, but I designed it, I’m proud of it and it’s a step in the right direction.


Any suggestions on how to make it better? Where to get affordable supplies, like boxes and such? Right now, I’m just working with the materials I have on hand, but if all goes well, I may need to start thinking bigger. And that would be awesome!


4 thoughts on “Building a brand beyond the business card

  1. When I saw your post as I was scrolling through WordPress, I stopped because I saw the above image of your product. It is very nicely presented and I know if I received something like this, I would notice how well done it is put together. By all means I don’t know much about marketing by all means but your packaging really is nice. Have a lovely day. God Bless : )

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