New Baby Yoda hat knitting pattern


I finally finished this adorable little Yoda hat for a friend’s little boy. There are a number of free patterns online, but I found I could pretty much turn any touque or beanie hat into a yoda hat by adding ears to it. The problem I had was finding a simple way to make ears. I combine the following 2 patterns to make the hat above and added a litte trick my mom showed me to give the ears a little more structure.

Baby hat: (Link to be added, but you can use any hat pattern you like)

Yoda ears:


I loved this hat, but my friend wasn’t looking for earflaps and wanted the texture of a knit/crochet which would have been lost when felted.  So I just knit the 2 ears and used my mom’s suggestion to add a single crochet around the edge to get it a little more structure. Then I sewed on each ear and secured a couple of stitches at the top of the ear near the brim to give it a little inner ear curl and keep it from flopping down so much.

Next is the real test. To see how it fits my friend’s son and since he’s a premie, I’m thinking he’ll have to grow into it 🙂


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