Is Molson’s beer commercial right? Are Canadians really that fun?

Last month a beer commercial went viral and it exposed a well-known secret. Canadians have a worldwide reputation for being fun, friendly, a little crazy (in a good way), adventurous and knowing how to have a good time.

Having a day job in product marketing, I tried to be objective and analytical about the content, but naturally, I totally identified with my fun-loving countrymen/women being talked about in the commercial.

Just like the Canadians in the video, I've been around and by that I mean traveled: US, Caribbean, England, Holland, Germany, Taiwan. Whether home or away, the urge to make the most of the places I'm in and have fun with the company I'm with is, well, instinctive. I don't need to party till dawn or dance on a table (except that one time...ok, maybe two) to have a good time. I'm happy sharing laughs over a drink, learning new customs, exploring new sights, making new friends, getting someone to giggle so hard they almost pee themselves, you know, fun stuff.    

Maybe we’re a people of “the glass is half full”, or that 1/3 of our year is spent in a cold, dark, snowy hibernation and we feel the urge to make up for lost time. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. So thanks Molson, for reminding the world what a fun loving bunch of crazy Canucks we are. Maybe the truth is that there’s no bad time to have a good time.

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