WooHoo! I just got my first Etsy sale! (Or, I just popped my Etsy cherry and it feels awesome)

Ok friends – s@#t just got real. I started an Etsy store as an experiment months ago to help my step-mom figure out how to set up hers. Fiddled around with mine, got busy at work, and put everything Etsy on the back burner.

Around the holidays, I did sell a couple of items “offline” to coworkers who knew about my store which motivated me to refresh my Etsy shop, create some new products and even sign up for a jewelry metal-smithing course at a local college.

This weekend, out of the blue, some random stranger found my store within the hugeness that is the “world wide web”, liked one of my leather cuffs and placed my first online order! I just shipped it to her today.

Still smiling and freaking out a little, but loving the awesome feeling of making something someone else also thinks is cool. Time to get back to “making” and, more importantly, connecting with my fellow Etsy shop owners and learning the ins and outs of building a small home business.

BTW – thanks Melissa from Texas (aka. Etsy order #1) for making me feel like I can do this 🙂


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