Lessons from my grandfather – the original life hacker

When I was little, my favourite thing to do when visiting my grandparents was to hang out in Grandpa’s garage. He was a tool and die machinist and was forever working on some project. His workshop was always piled high with tools, containers full of screws in every size, endless scraps of metal and wood and somewhere in the middle of it all was a Nissan Datsun 1600 convertible roadster – with a broken transmission. Just one of many unfinished projects.

Pipe fitting pizza cutter

He was clever, creative, quick to laugh and always curious to learn more. His bright blue eyes would light up when was solving some mechanical conundrum. He was the first to show me how to use duct tape and wire hangers to keep my first crappy car from falling apart. In fact, my most precious memento of my grandfather is this homemade pizza cutter. It’s a perfect example of a man that could always find a use for something – even a bit of plumbing pipe and a broken pizza wheel.

Long live the life hacker! Here are the top 50 life hacks to simplify your life. I’m sure my Grandpa would have enjoyed these 🙂

What’s your favourite life hack?

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