The almost perfect toolbox for a craft addict

When you don’t have space for a real “studio” you find yourself making do with a corner here and a bookshelf there. Eventually, I ended up having my tools and materials scattered all over the house. I’d be forever running up and down the stairs searching for something, carrying an armful of supplies from one room to another, and ending up with random piles of chaos in my wake.

When I stupidly tried to carry a tower of bead containers and tools back to their home shelf and manage to spill 1,324 beads (give or take) all across the living room floor, I started looking for the perfect carry-all toolbox. It wasn’t the simplest thing to find. The specialty craft containers and even the standard “handyman” toolboxes either weren’t that portable or were too expensive for my tastes. That’s when I discovered the good ol’ tackle box. A fisherman’s best friend and keeper of all their odds and sods.


I found this cheap one with 3 extendable trays in Walmart’s sports and recreation department when I was across the border shopping near Ogdensberg, NY – for under $13 US. Now I have a single carry all that holds all of my tools, wire, clasps and finishing supplies. I won’t say it’s the perfect solution as it tends to topple backwards when all the trays are extended, but it’s certainly an improvement until I upgrade to something better…or get a more permanent studio space set up.


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