5 creative and sexy ways to say I Love You, Valentine.

Looking for a creative and sexy way to say I LOVE YOU this Valentine’s Day? Here are some of my favourite suggestions – from mild to wild.

1. Write it in stone. Or better yet something they can actually wear like a necklace, bracelet, maybe even a t-shirt that has a special word, nickname, expression that gives your honey that silly sappy grin whenever they see it? Why not engrave it or print it on something that will remind them of you. You can find lots of unique wearable items you can customize for your love. Check out www.zazzle.com and www.etsy.com for some great ideas.

Brown leather cuff for the awesome man in your life

Brown leather cuff for the awesome man in your life

2. Beer Poetry: For the man (or woman) that loves good beer, there’s nothing tastier and sexier than creating a custom beer poem just for him. Collect a pack of at least different 6 import or micro brewed beers with interesting names you can rhyme with. Then work the name of each beer into a rhyming couplet dedicated to your sweetheart. Better yet, share each beer for maximum enjoyment during your recital. Want a challenge? Try it as a series of limericks. The sexier, the better.

Here are some beers with great poetic potential: Bass, Big Rock, Blue, Busch, Lucky, Tiger, Hoegaarden, Sol, Super Bock, Beck’s, Hobgoblin, Rolling Rock
In Ontario or just looking for beer ideas? Check the LCBO’s beer garden for a huge listing

3. Job jar of Love: Forget those boring household chores and build your own “honey do” list with your Valentine. All you need is an empty jar, some blank slips of paper and a creative imagination. Together you discuss and create 3 types of things you would like your partner to do for you.

  • Thoughtful. Everyone gets busy and sometimes the gift of time is the most precious. Ladies, why don’t you ask for a kid-free night so you can get out with your girlfriends and hit the town? Or guys, why don’t you get your lady to skedaddle for the day so you and your bros can kick back and watch the game? While you’re at it, ask that she arrange munchies for the gang and stock the fridge with beer.
  • Romantic and sweet. Get your partner to do something that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside or makes you laugh and smile. Get a homemade lunch with a cheeky love note, flowers delivered to your office, sensual foot rubs or candlelight dinners.
  • Sexy Times. Think of something you want done for you in the bedroom, or the kitchen or wherever else you like it. Think role playing, make out sessions, full body massages, striptease or whatever your imagination desires.

The best part is that you write your “jobs” with each other, sharing your intimate desires. Make sure you mark the paper slips so you can easily see who’s job you are picking later. You can both pick similar jobs once a week, once a month, or just because. Job jars just became hot and exciting!

4. Auto-tune your love song! Take a song and change the lyrics to tell your own love song. Can’t sing? Can’t play an instrument? Me neither. Luckily, you don’t have to be talented to be successful anymore. There are a long list of music artists that use auto-tuning software to make their voice pitch perfect and now you can too! Try one of these free iphone apps from Smule to sing your heart out.

5. Say it with photos. Let your body do the talking by spelling out a special message one character at a time, using your body to shape each letter. Think of how you look when dancing to Y-M-C-A. If you want to build the suspense, send the photos one at a time – in no particular order to keep them guessing till the end. Bonus points if you can take the photos in locations that mean something special.

found on hijackyourlife.com

Whatever you decide to do, find a way to make sure they know how much you love them – everyday.


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